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Fly By Night, Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit / tax-exempt organization.

Donations are tax-deductible and all donated funds directly support our bat conservation efforts.  CH12360


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Important Information —

Bats are NOT dangerous and should not be feared, but all wildlife should be dealt with respectfully and bats are no exception.  The following information and general ‘common sense” guidelines should protect the safety / welfare of the public, pets & bats

           Never attempt to handle or care for any animal without the proper precautions and training

           A bat found on the ground is either orphaned, injured or sick   

                          the incidence of rabies in bats is less than 1/2 of one percent     

           Bats are not aggressive, but have very sharp teeth and will bite in self-defense     

                          NEVER touch a bat with your bare hands  

                          bites should be taken very seriously and should be reported

           Special State and / or Federal permits are required to —

                          care for injured / orphaned wildlife

                          keep wild animals in captivity, including bats 

           Anyone who works with rabies vector species should have pre-exposure immunization

                          animal control, wildlife biologists, wildlife rehabilitators, etc

           All pets should be vaccinated against rabies (and spayed / neutered for that matter)

See our Books page for additional information for rehabilitators.

Some bats we can help and some we can't. As you can see in the above photo snakes are  natural predators for all bats

seminole bat pups

Juvenile Seminole bats (Lasiurus seminolis)

snake eating bat

Photo by Jamie Prusak

bat eating mealworms

Juvenile Evening bat (Nycticeius humeralis)

Other Rescue related links

                                 Basically Bats

                          Austin Bat Hospital

                          Bat World Everglades

                          Florida Bat Center

                          Lubee Foundation

Found a bat and need help?

             Contact Fly By Night at 407-414-2142  or

             Visit Bat World for rehab info

             and a list of bat rehabbers

Bats are delicate and very sensitive animals. Orphaned or injured bats require specialized care that includes a special diet and species specific housing that only qualified bat persons can provide.  Since 1987,  FBN provides care for bats in need of attention.  When bats are releasable they are transferred to a specially constructed flight cage and eventually offered the freedom to return their natural habitat through a soft release.  Bats that are non-releasable are provided with life long care and these amBATssadors helping us to educate the public (see Education).

Rabies Vector Species —

raccoon, skunk, fox, otter, bat, stray cats or dogs, etc….

Rescue & Rehabilitation

Please check back often

batworld logobasically bats logowork in progress

For more  information contact

         Laura Seckbach Finn
         Fly By Night, Inc.: The Bat Specialists
         PO Box 562
         Osteen, FL 32764-0562
         Phone:  407-414-2142
         E-mail Us