Bat House Research, Experimental Design and Roost Monitoring

tgf culvert roost
Tom Finn modifies the opening of an experimental roost
designed for Corynorhinus rafinesquii / M. austroriparius
in southern Georgia. Joint with Bat Conservation

ArtificalTrees for Rare Forest Bats

TGF installing bat bark
unf library
The five bat houses at this site were installed
as part of BCI’s Bat House Research project.
The guano below the bat houses reveals their

Bats Prefer Larger Bat Houses

FBN Reseach Hightlights

Experimental / Alternate Roost Project
Experimental / Alternate Roost Project Examples
Project Location Partners Dates Summary Focal species
Central Florida BCI 1993 — 1997 MS Thesis—bat house design / microclimate Tadarida, Nycticeius, M. austroriparius
N FL and S GA BCI 2000 —> Sedgwick / Turner—Experimental Designs Corynorhinus rafinesquii / M. austroriparius
Central Florida BCI, SFWMD, TNC 1999 —> Cory Bat Condo, Reedy Creek C. rafinesquii
Florida / Georgia FBN 1993 —> FBN bat houses installed at multiple locations all of the above ++ Eptesicus, Molossus, Eumops
Austin, Texas FBN, MTBC 2020 —> FBN bat houses installed at multiple locations Tadarida, Nycticeius, M. austroriparius

The following is a partial list of publications that reference our bat house research — most are linked so click to read more.

A pdf copy of Laura’s Masters thesis can be viewed here

Questions About Bat Houses or Alternate Roost Options??

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