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Thomas near cavity tree during EVER roost survey
Roost survey at ENP
Thomas Finn, Co-Founder
BUIS anabat survey
Monitoring bat activity in USVI
Laura Finn, Founder

Background, Education and Training

Laura Seckbach Finn (LSF), the founder of Fly By Night, Inc. (FBN), first began working with bats in 1989. She received a Bachelors degree in Zoology (1989) and a Masters degree in Biology (1997) from the University of Central Florida. Her masters research concerned bats in buildings (urban bats) and the use of bat houses by central Florida bat species. The research focused on roost choice, preferred microclimate and bat house design == it was the first large scale bat house study in Florida (see BatHouses).

Laura was also the first to study the roosting and foraging activity of Southeastern big-eared bats Corynorhinue rafinesquii macrotus in Florida (see Research).

Thomas Finn (TGF) is a former high steel painter / sandblaster. He is a vested IUPATJourneyman (International Union of Painters and Allied Trades) and a master rigger. Tom is considered a specialist in the conservation and management of urban bats, roost mitigation and artificial habitat.

Together, they have dedicated their lives to the study, conservation and protection of bats. (since 1990).

Certificates and Awards

  • 2009: Best of Osteen Award
  • 2008: Best of Osteen Award
  • 2004: Bat House Hall of Fame., Bat Conservation International (BCI) - NA Bat House Research Project (NABHRP)
  • 2001: Distinguished Research Associate, Honorary Lifetime Status Award - BCI NABRP
  • 1999: Distinguished Research Associate, Special Achievement Award - BCI NABRP
  • 1997: Outstanding Scientific Presentation, Florida Academy of Sciences (FAS)
  • 1997: University of Florida Sigma Xi Award
  • 1996: Explorers Club Award: Best student paper - 60th FAS meeting
  • 1987-2000: Annual Training Certifications for OSHA Hazard Awareness, Lead Abatement, etc. (Thomas Finn)

Professional Activities


  • JLA Clearance (August 2006 -per Jessica Lunsford Act)
  • USDA Level 2 Clearance
  • Rabies immunization

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