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Learn about New Florida Guidelines that Protect Bats

. ***It is both a state and federal violation to deal with nuisance bats using pesticides or lethal fumigation but it happens all the time. Please report Violators

Guidelines for All Management Projects-

 USE proven methods that ensure bats can leave a structure safely, but cant get back in

 NEVER use chemicals or other means that harass, harm or kill bats. �

 NEVER evict bats during maternity season

  (15 April - late August in Florida; 1 May - Sept elsewhere in the U.S.

 Provide a Long Term Guarantee (more than 1 year)

When conducted correctly, the process of bat-proofing, eviction & exclusion can take a considerable amount of time, but the results should be safe, permanent and guaranteed


Save your money, your sanity and bats � be wary of any business that uses that uses unscrupulous scare tactics and negative terminology to sell their service.�

Watch out for exaggerated

threats of disease & health risks

terms such as = Abatement, Control, Eradication, Free, Infestation, Remediation, Removal, Trapping, Vermin.�

Updates in Progress

please visit again soon


Call 407-414-2142 if you need bat help or have questions

Always follow all local guidelines.

Bats are protected in many areas and special permits may be required. Local authorities should always be consulted prior to conducting any activity.

Important -

Bat Management Guidelines