Fly By Night, Inc.

A Not-For-Profit Conservation Organization

"Our mission to help bats, is largely achieved by helping people who need help with bats"

When Laura Finn founded Fly By Night as a sole proprietor in 1994, it was the only organization of its kind in Florida. The organization was incorporated as Fly By Night, Inc.: The Bat Specialists in June of 1997. Fly By Night became a Florida Not-For-Profit corporation in 1999 (CH12360) and acquired 501(c)3 nonprofit status in 2001.

Mission and Goals

Fly By Night, Inc. was created with a mission to provide educational information, materials and services that promote bat conservation and protect bat populations. Conservation efforts include educational outreach, population management and field research projects, manufacture and installation of bat houses (roost mitigation) and the 'as-needed' rehabilitation and rescue of orphaned or injured bats.

Permits and Licenses

In addition to general state and county business licenses, the following licenses and permits have been issued to FBN.

Please note this list in not complete...

  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)
    • LSSC-09-0062 (Special Purpose = Research)

    • ESC-19486 (License to Sell or Exhibit Wildlife)

    • NWT-1161 (Nuisance Wildlife)

  • Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GA DNR)
    • 29-WBH-08-52 (Research)

  • USDA Class C Exhibitor Permit
  • Florida DACS — CH12360
  • DUNS # 92-963-5076

Please see our Research page for a list of regional research permits.

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