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Bats in Buildings

The Bats in Buildings Program

In 2000, Laura Finn approached Bat Conservation International� (BCI) about the need for a new program for �nuisance bats� and the Bats in Buildings Project (BIB) was born.� The BIB began as a cooperative effort between BCI & Fly By Night, Inc. � the goals were to provide an accurate source of information on issues related to urban bats and bats in buildings.� BCI�s web site includes a detailed� BIB page (coauthored by Laura with Barbara French & Mark Kiser) with information for homeowners & a certification program for professionals who agree to use only BCI approved exclusion methods.� Laura was the program founder & remained active as the project coordinator until 2005.��

Call Fly By Night, Inc. at 407-414-2142 for more information

Do it Yourself Methods


The BIB website includes a list of professionals who agree to use only approved methods.� We can�t guarantee they all do, only that they claim to. So an interview is still a good idea.��� Too many companies continue to use outdated methods & scare tactics � please help prevent mortality caused by illegal or improper �control� methods report unscrupulous professionals to the appropriate state agency & BCI.�


Our work with BCI�s Bats in Buildings Program� has been a success, updated materials & information� are� available on BCI�s web site, and several states now required BCI certification for pest control & nuisance wildlife professionals that offer bat exclusions.�


But, misinformation remains abundant, even among some professionals who find the old ways easier.� Much of the information found on official web sites is outdated or misleading�� Attempts to revise and update public information materials regarding bat exclusion and bat houses continues.


Updates in Progress

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Or call 407-414-2142 with any questions