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In The Spot-Light

Jack joined Laura at one of our most important research sites, where he got to observe a maternity colony of rare southeastern big-eared bats, located in Central Florida.

Jack Hannah’s Animal Adventures   

jack hannah logobigbat

Bruce Wayne—The Bat Dog

News Items and Media Highlights Related to  Fly By Night

Bruce has also been the focus of several media articles =

             June / Jul 2007 edition of Dogs For Kids (Bat Dog to the Rescue by Shannon Teper)

             October 2006 edition of Fledermaus-Anzeiger  (a European newsletter)                

             01 Aug 2004 Orlando Sentinel (This Canine Has a Nose for Bats by Shelley Kinser)    

             19 September 2004 Orlando Sentinel  (2nd Dog Works on Niche Finding Where Bats Hang by Shelley Kinser)

tom finn with bat dog 'bruce wayne'dwj logo

Our scent trained bat dog, Bruce Wayne, is cutting edge research helping us find bats in the field. Bruce was the first professionally trained bat tracking dog and was trained by Bill Whitstine of Forensic Scientific Investigations  (Florida Canine Academy) in Safety Harbor, FL.   Bruce was featured a 2002 episode of Dogs With Jobs (Episode 35 =Speedy and Friends, Bruce Wayne, Mr. Gomez)

Thomas Finn and Bruce Wayne

 The Nature Conservancy — Where We Work Oct 2009 —        Long term monitoring and research with rare big-eared bats

                           and - Cool Green Science 26 October 2009                                                              in central Florida

  UNF Marketing Publications Feb2009 —  University of North Florida Management Projects Bat Houses

  Kennedy Space Center Spaceport News Jan2009NASA Bat Management Project (select Jan09 issue)

 Harmony Notes Nov2008New Bat Tower in Harmony

 The Orlando Sentinel 03Nov2008  —   Bat Houses

 St. Petersburg Times 31Oct2008  —   Pinellas Trail Bat Management

 The Suncoast News 27Oct2008  —  Pinellas Trail Bat Management

  The Orlando Sentinel 01 Nov 2003 —  Bat Trackers at Work by Ludmilla Lelis                                                                  http://www.turnto23.com/entertainment/2443067/detail.html

 Stop Getting Bugged Out  The Orlando Sentinel  01July2006

 Bat Conservation Operation Saves 1,000 Night Fliers  Volusia County, FL (Orlando, Florida)                                                                          (via Knight-Ridder/ Tribune Business News) (The Orlando Sentinel  Oct 2002)

More from the Orlando Sentinel

This page is updated as time allows, we have lots of media links to add so please check back

Other Fly By Night Media Highlights  

Bat Conservation International Annual Report 1999-2000       FBN and the Bats in Buildings Program highlighted on page 14

Bat Conservation International Annual Report 2000-2001 FBN and the Bats in Buildings Program highlighted on page 12

Bat Conservation International Annual Report 2001-2002       FBN highlighted on pages 17 & 18

Bat Conservation International Annual Report 2002-2003       FBN highlighted on page 4

Bat Conservation International Annual Report 2009-2010       FBN highlighted on page 12