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Summer 2008 —

2008 pups were born during the last week of May thru mid June

17 July 2008 — The rains have returned and; the oldest juvies are starting to fly, The activity level should remain high thru the end of August as the juveniles take short test flights.

04 August 2008 =- The activity level continues to increase as juveniles become volant.  The morning swarm is fantastic.

08 August 2008 — Most of the juveniles are volant and bats have finally returned to the lake bat house (was empty since early May)

19 - 21 August 2008 — TS Fay had us rockin and; rollin == over 20 inches of rain!

Fall / Winter 2008 —

11 October 2008 - Most of the bats in the main bat house have moved to the bat house near the lake.

16 October 2008 - bats have returned to the main bat house

26 November 2008 - it's been a really cold fall in central FL, but both bat houses are full and as long as the night-time temps are above 45F the activity level remains high.

16 December 2008 - heavy fog the last few nights - looks like underwater cam

Winter / Spring 2009 —

22 January 2009 -  Brrrr. been in the lo 30's and hi 20's last few nights. Bats are torpid, but will resume activity when it warms up a bit....

05 February 2009 - cold again, yuk.  Hard freeze last night and another freeze expected tonight. Our three bat houses are all full, we collected 6 cold-stunned Tadarida below the main bat house this AM - the other two houses were OK. The torpid bats will be released in a few nights, as soon as it warms up.

25 April 2009 - very dry weather, the lake level is dropping daily. Bats are very active lately, both houses on cam remain occupied and active, but Bat house3 (not on cam) was vacated a few days ago. Hopefully the bats remain safe,

Live BatHouse Cam Activity Log

Summer 2009 —

19 May 2009 — bats are having their pups, small dead neonate found below the main bat house this AM

25 May 2009 — the rains finally stopped after nearly a week = 17 inches!

26 July 2009 — observed grey fox on path from lake, early AM

22 August 2009 =  the activity level is high most of the night. All juveniles are now volant and both bat houses are loaded. The morning swarm is fantastic.

Maternity Season Summary  27 May - 27 Aug 2009 == 268 placenta and 21 dropped / dead pups = 7.85% mortality


FBN BatHouse—Activity Log

Fall / Winter 2009 —

07 Sept 2009 — no bats in main bat house

13 Sept 2009 — lake house full, few bats in main

16 Sept 2009 — all bat houses empty

21 Oct 2009 — bats returned to lake house

31 Oct 2009 — bats returned to main house, both on cam bat houses occupied

10 Dec 2009 — Am swarm peaked at 06:43

13 Dec 2009 — evening exit is fantastic!  17:43

24 Dec 2009 — bat cam down, problem with server?

27 Dec 2009 — bat cam back online live!

Winter / Spring 2010 —

01 Jan 2010 — full moon 46F, few bats flying around bat house

05 Feb 2010 — bats returned to third bat house (not visible on cam)

13 Feb 2010 — 21:31 43 F, no activity , 2 cold-stunned below main house

05 Mar 2010 — 20:05 50 F, lots of activity. Lo 30’s forecast tonight

08 Mar 2010  — 19:00 66F, finally warming after coldest winter on record

05 April 2010 —  hi levels of activity most of night, warm days

09 April 2010  — all three houses remain full and active

Fly By Night - live bat cam