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Fly By Night, Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit / tax-exempt organization.

Donations are tax-deductible and all donated funds directly support our bat conservation efforts.  CH12360


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Fly By Night, Inc

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Rehabilitation & Captive Care

All bats in our care are provided with a special diet, medical attention & housing as needed. Special housing includes heated nursery enclosures and a prerelease flight cage & veterinary care as needed (for injured bats can be costly). Our goal is freedom and bats are released as soon as possible, but long-term care is provided for bats which are not releasable.   Most of the supplies listed below are used specifically toward the care of bats at our facility.

Donation Wish List - Field Supplies

                 AA & 9V Batteries 

                 Flash Drives, CF memory cards

                 Insect  Repellant (pump spray or lotion)                                                               Resealable storage / freezer bags

                 Pelican-type  weather proof storage cases — any size

How You Can Support Bat Conservation…..

Donation Wish List-  Captive Care

Diet & Supplements

                 Live mealworms  (FlukerFarms 1-800-735-8537) 

                 Mealworm food — dry baby cereal, Wheat germ, Oat bran, corn meal

                 Jarred baby food (veal , sweet potatoe, banana)

                 Supplements —Nutrical,  Missinglink

                 Similac Go & Gro — powdered infant formula

                 Canned Meyenberg Goats Milk

                 Make-up sponges (hypo allergenic)

                 Fresh fruits & vegetables (for Non-native Program Bats)

                 Packaged Fruit sauce and Fruit juices (no sugar added)

                 Paper towels  (white) and cleaning supplies                                      

                 Double sided pet dishes,  glass petri dishes, mineral wheels

Housing & Enrichment

                 Large parrot / Ferret toys                       Soft-sided pet carriers

                 Baby blankets, cotton cloths, etc         Mulch – pine bark

                 Carabineers, clips & hooks                   Macramé plant hangers, hemp rope

                 Concrete cinder-blocks                          fiberglass roof panels

Medical supplies

                 1cc & 3cc o-ring style syringes            tissue preservative Formalin

                 medical exam gloves                             ETOH (95%)          

                 Lactated ringers solution                       Parafilm

                 Antibiotics: Cephalexin & Baytril          Hand sanitizer, baby wipes

Fly By Night, Inc. is a 501-C-3 not for profit organization dedicated to the conservation and protection of bats and their habitat.   Your donation of funds, materials, supplies, equipment  or services will help  to support our bat conservation efforts and may be tax deductible.  We appreciate your support, please help us so we can continue to help the bats.

                                    Please Help If You Can         

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Donation Wish List - Equipment

                 Temp and Humidity controlled incubator                                                                              

We Need to Replace Ageing Or Broken  Equipment 

                 Office Copy Machine             our Xerox XC830 died after 10 years

                 Digital Audio Recorder

                 Digital Camera

                 Handheld GPS—Garmin ETrex 


We also welcome materials / supplies that help support our bat house, management and research projects.  Please call if you have other items, as this list far from complete.

Donation Wish List - Services


                 Data collection and data entry

                 Facebook page  / social media editor

FBN Wish List

Donation Wish List - Project Supplies

                 Caulking—PolyseamSeal Adhesive Caulking—clear     

                 Paint— Valspar brand—black & clear polyurethane

                 Plywood, pine boards (call for details)

                 Deck screws

                 Printed labels for our bat house poles

                 Wood burner / branding tool