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Bat Facts — Living in Harmony

Worried about Disease or Other Issues Related to Public Health ?    

The information provided below is intended to address common public health and safety concerns associated. with bats..  Don’t let the guys with the white suits and respirators scare you with misinformation, in most cases bats are NOT a significant health risk.  Education is the key — If you arm yourself with the facts and a little common sense 



Please return soon for updates

Rabies —


Is Guano Removal and Cleanup Needed? —

See histoplasmosis and bugs above. This service is expensive, but rarely needed. 

Bat Bug and Bed Bugs —

Bat Removal vs Eviction —

Before hiring a professional, avoid any business that includes misinformation on their website or literature.

Histoplasmosis —

Here’s the truth about  Histoplasmosis in Florida from the Florida Department of Health

The risk of histoplasmosis is frequently exaggerated by unscrupulous companies that offer attic cleanup / disinfection services. In Florida and most of Georgia, histoplasmosis is not associated with bat colonies in buildings — 

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