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Bat House Placement & Installation Guidelines

Location, Location, Location —- Optimal placement of your bat house is almost more important than bat house design.   Basically, from the bats point of view, a bat house should be warm, dry, easy to enter  / exit (no clutter), and safe from predators.   Please don’t waste your money on a great bat house only to install it in a suboptimal  manner that  bats ignore.  Or  worse —  bats will never use a bat house that just sits in the garage. 

The installation guidelines / suggestions below should be followed to maximize the  overall suitability of your bat house . 

If you need help, contact us to discuss installation options designed to maximize your occupancy rate.

Custom Bat Houses

Small Bat House Installation

Large Bat House Installation

General Installation Guidelines For All Bat Houses:

· mounted on a pole or the side of a structure

· minimum of 15ft. above the ground

· open uncluttered sites that receive 6 or more hours of direct sunlight / day

· a southerly orientation.  Bat houses mounted in back to back pairs should have a SE — NW orientation

Check out our Live BatHouse Cam to see our bat houses in action or visit one of the bat house sites listed on our Client page --

Things To Avoid:

· DO NOT mount your bat house on the trunk of a tree

                 however, bat houses can be hung from the limb of a large shade tree, if no open areas are available

· Avoid orienting a lone bat house directly North — it will remain too cool

· Don’t install the house in a shady wooded area.  Please trim any tree limbs that grow close to or shade the bat house