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Bat House Research, Experimental Designs and Roost Monitoring

Bat House Research began in 1993

Bats Prefer Larger Bat Houses 

The five bat houses at this site were installed as part of BCI’s Bat House Research project.  The guano below the bat houses reveals the preferred house.

ArtificalTrees for Rare Forest Bats

Tom Finn modifies the opening of an experimental roost designed for Corynorhinus rafinesquii / M. austroriparius in southern Georgia. Joint with Bat Conservation International

FBN Reseach Hightlights Updates Will be Added Soon, please Check Back

The following is a list of research highlights that reference our bat house  projects—  most are linked so click to read more

             1993     BCI's Student Research Program Grows.   BATS. 11(3)16-17

                          Successful Bat Houses Shed Light On Bat Needs. The Bat House Researcher.   1(1)1-2.

             1994     Two Additional Species Documented to Use Bat Houses.  The Bat House Researcher.   2(2)1-2.

             1995     Patience Pays Off in Florida.   The Bat House Researcher.  3(2)2-3.

                          Innovative Roost Partitions.  The Bat House Researcher.  3(2)1-2.

                          Guano Treatments Appear to Help.  The Bat House Researcher.  3(2) 4.

             1996     Research Associate Participation Increases The Bat House Researcher.  4(1)3

             1998     Highlights of 1997.  The Bat House Researcher.  6(1)4-6

                          Observations from the Heat Wave of 1998.  The Bat House Researcher.  6(2)1-2.

             1999     Backyard Bats. BATS. 17(4)3-9

                          Distinguished Research Associates.  The Bat House Researcher.  7(1)8.

                          Results from the 1998 Season.  The Bat House Researcher.  7(1)1-2.

             2000     1999 Season Results.  The Bat House Researcher.  8 (1)1-3.

                          Research Associate Highlights for 1999.  The Bat House Researcher.   8(1)7-8.

             2001     Distinguished Research Associates.  The Bat House Researcher.  9(1)8.

                          Survey Results from 2000.  The Bat House Researcher.  9(1)2-4.mht

             2003     Innovative Homes for Bats that Shun Bat Houses.  The Bat House Researcher. 11(1)1-2.

                          Bat Conservation International Highlights.  BATS.  21(2)14-15.mht

                          Disney's Magic.  BATS. 21(2) 1-4.

             2004     A Decade of Bat House Discovery.  The Bat House Researcher.  12(1)1-5.

                          Bat House Hall of Fame.  The Bat House Researcher. 12(1)8.

           2006     Designing Homes for Forest Bats.  BATS.  24(3) 9-11.

Experimental / Alternate Roost Project Summary—

Project Location




Focal species

Central Florida


1993 — 1997

MS Thesis—bat house design & microclimate

Tadarida, Nycticeius, M. austroriparius



2000 —>

Sedgwick & Turner—Experimental Designs

Corynorhinus rafinesquii / M. austroriparius

Central Florida


1999 —>

Cory Bat Condo, Reedy Creek

C. rafinesquii

Florida / Georgia


1993 —>

FBN bat houses installed at multiple locations

all of the above ++ Eptesicus, Molossus, Eumops