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Live BatHouse Cam

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Day-time Views

Sandhill cranes — You may catch a glimpse of the pair that visit 3—4 times each day.  Only crane was visiting alone for several weeks, we  feared the other was dead.  We were thrilled to see them together on 26 March 2009 with two new chicks!!. Watch for them. 

Alligator — Haven't seen the gator in awhile, but it hangs out by the lake bat house when it’s here.

Other — Random cam visitors include

                 An anhinga that suns on top of the lake house.

                 A grey fox travels the path from the lake just at sunrise,

                 If you’re really lucky you’ll see a bald eagle fly by or resting on the                              pine branch (to the left of the main bat house)

                 Also—osprey, hawks, ducks, random cats or even us checking               the bat houses or weeding

BatCam Local Weather Info

Summer 2008

17 July 2008: The rains have returned & the oldest juvies are starting to fly, The activity level should remain high thru the end of August as the juveniles take short test flights.

04 August 2008: The activity level continues to increase as juveniles become volant.  The morning swarm is fantastic.

08 August 2008: Most of the juveniles are volant & bats have finally returned to the lake bat house (was empty since early May)

19 - 21 August 2008: TS Fay had us rockin & rollin == over 20 inches of rain!

Camera Details - The IR (infra-red) camera (Q-See IR CCT security cam) is positioned on a 20 ft pole ~30 ft south of the bat house

In the Works --

We've been trying to include a live audio stream from our Anabat system & will hopefully have it configured correctly very soon.  We also plan to have another camera setup closer to the lake bat house, but right now it's only visible during daylight hours.

About our Live Bat Cam —

Our live broadcast began 07 June 2008 and remains live  24 / 7.

Your are looking at two central Florida (Volusia County) bat houses occupied by Tadarida brasiliensis (~800++ each house)..  

BatHouse-2 near the edge of the lake, is visible only during the day, but you  can still watch the PM exit & the AM swarm. (A third occupied house is out of view, several hundred meters south of the cam). 

Bats begin to exit before sunset (EST) and the morning swarm begins just before sunrise (EST). (see sun & moon info above)

Bats are active & flying around the bat house most of the night..The frequent touch & goes are normal at active roosts    Periods of inactivity normally last less than 10 minutes most of the year.  Reduced activity levels occur when PM temps drop into the 50’s and bats are inactive (torpid) at temps below 45F. 

Tadarida pups are generally born beginning the last week of May thru mid June.  Juveniles begin flying at ~8 weeks   

The random foggy lines are from the spider that lives on cam (wants her own spider cam) — you'll see her on the lens several times each night.

Share your observations

Screech owls, barred owls & rat snakes are common in the area and are known predators -If you observe these or other unusual event, please send your observations to

Be sure to include the date, time, etc. if you can send an image it will help & be most appreciated (alt print screen, then paste & save with paint.

Activity Log Continued …..

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Local Sun & Moon Info

Welcome To Our 'Live BatHouse Cam

FBN BatCam  

Activity Log

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